How to get your iContract job noticed by contractors

24th August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

iContract is both a platform for contractors looking for their next contract, and of course recruiters looking to connect with contractors that can be placed in contracts they are advertising.

For recruiters and those seeking to connect with new talent, iContract offers an innovative way to locate and connect with the right candidate quickly and easily. No longer will recruiters have to trawl through CV’s or dangle their advertised contracts amongst the many job boards and networks in the hope that they will find the right candidate amongst the thousands they have screened their job to.

With iContract’s contract recommendation feature. Contractors will be instantly recommended to contracts based on their contractor profile’s unique preferences, likewise based on the details of your contract, iContract will make instant recommendations to contractors who you can instantly invite to apply for your position.

When posting your next contract on iContract, here are some important details to pay attention to.


Contractors can edit their preferred locations of work in their iContract profile. Most contractors are quite flexible about working in certain locations if they happen to operate from a large city like London. For instance, being based in London you’ll find they should be open to working in locations in the London commuter belt. Hence the importance of adding a location in your contract as any recommendations will take into consideration location preferences. The last thing you’ll want is a contractor who ticks the majority of your boxes but can’t work in your contract’s location.

Rate of pay

Finding that contractor and getting them placed in a position is difficult enough. One added detail you’ll have to contend with after you’ve made a placement is negotiation of pay. Any negotiation is tricky and having your contract as transparent as possible with a clear listing of its daily rate will help any contract finalisation process with both parties knowing what each is offering.

Where we know that not every contract can have a precise day rate and may just have a ball park figure to play with, iContract’s toggle bars can help you advertise what this is to a contractor when setting a contract’s day rate.


iContract’s skill based algorithm ensures that when a contract is posted, recommendations are made based on this specific criteria. Before posting a contract, take a good look at all the skills that will be required for a role and list them to produce more accurate results. By adding skills, iContract’s search matching engine will generate contractors that are more highly suited to your position thank to them having the skills that are listed on your contract.


With many contractors enjoying the flexibility that contracting offers, any contractor reviewing a potential contract will be keen to see what the contract length is. Contractors crave diversity in their work and may be deterred by contracts that are lengthy or details around this are sketchy. Like with rate of pay, ensure you use iContract’s toggle bars to set the contract length of any job you post.

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