How to become an IT contractor

3rd August 2016

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The IT sector is perfectly suited for contractors. All companies need IT support to stay current, but for many organisations it makes better financial sense to draft in contractors who possess specific skills rather than hiring a full-time IT team.


Tempted to take the plunge and become a freelance IT contractor? Let us guide you through the process. Read on!


Outsourcing in the IT sector has become increasingly commonplace, both on a retainer and project basis. And that’s great news for IT contractors, as it means they get to work on a variety of projects.


IT contractors can enjoy a flexible work/life balance, but must keep up to date with the skillset required in their preferred field. Time and project management skills are also essential to becoming a successful IT contractor.


For employers, hiring IT contractors make sense as permanent professionals require full-time competitive salary, training costs, recruitment costs, tax, insurance, desk space, holiday pay and other on-boarding costs. Plus the speed at which the IT sector moves makes it particularly suited to contracting.


The opportunities are there, so how do you find them?


How to find IT contracting work


Contractors in any sector must maintain a solid network and online presence. Get your name out there, attend networking events in person, and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Check out this podcast with iContract’s Eduardo Rastelli on how to use social media to win contracts.


It’s all about being front-of-mind with employers and recruiters when opportunities arise.


Becoming an IT contractor means taking control of your own tax affairs, insurance, and many other aspects. iContract’s Paul de Francisci covers the main issues of starting out as a contractor in this podcast, so be sure to listen to that.


iContract was set up by contractors for contractors, and we will be connecting IT contractors with recruiters when we go live in September. 

Be sure to pre-register with iContract so you have a front row seat when opportunities arise.  

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