How the digital revolution is transforming recruitment

7th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

It’s difficult to point an exact time when your high street was bursting to the seams with small to medium sized recruitment agencies that worked in a very hands on and manual way. Their traditional methods of rolodex and paper based application forms, files and CV’s all now appear obsolete and to find that agency of yesteryear in today’s digitally switched on world is a rare discovery.

The digital world today has given us the tools to enhance the way candidates search and apply for jobs, and how companies assess and hire for vacant positions. With there a growing number of recruitment tech specialists with unique offerings, all working towards creating a progressive environment for job seekers and job posters – hotw has this digital revolution transformed the recruitment process and the way we work?

Work faster

The idea of automation might seem scary to some, but the idea of robots taking over jobs in HR is still very much a fantasy. Instead what it has done has made arduous tasks that had to be completed, done so in a much faster way. Candidates can complete registration profiles through CV exctraction tools that saves them time, and recruiters can find candidates based on specific criteria search thus reducing the need to trawl through CV’s. That is just the tip of the iceberg of how the digital world has sped up the hiring processes, tech specialists are constantly looking at new ways to streamline processeses in order to make people’s lives easier.

Work smarter

Finding the right candidate or the right job used to be a process that required real persistence and patience, with a little combination of luck. To stumble on that right candidate or position didn’t always come naturally and the tools to initially screen who you were looking for weren’t readily accessible.

Thanks to the advancements in interpretive behaviourial tech, A.I, and algorithmic data, recruiters have the means to create more targeted and specific searches that can filter candidates more effictively, and making the candidate screening process less like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to the digital revolution, we’re able to work smarter and thus use our time more efficiently.

Removing barriers

Recruitment tech specialists not only have a desire to improve the hiring process, but they are also looking to collaborate with others to make more complete set-ups and platforms for recruiters and hiring managers. Where you might have a platform that can only perform effective candidate searches, there may also be a requirement to interview a candidate, perform background checks, or interview them for a position. Technology has allowed for companies that offer these solutions to integrate with each other and produce solutions that are more complete and tick off a lot more boxes for recruiters.

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