How contracting can enhance your life

17th October 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

With summer long gone, and the nights drawing in, things might not particularly be exciting for you work wise. Finding the motivation to climb out of bed on those cold, early mornings and trudge on reluctantly to the start of your daily commute for your worn out 9 to 5, can of course be a big challenge for anyone.

A new life can await you though. Working self-employed as a contractor is becoming the new normal for many and it’s no wonder that by 2020, we should expect to see 50% of the UK workforce become self-employed. Why not become part of that exciting statistic and discover what contracting can do for you. Here’s just a few ways working as a contractor can enhance your life!

Do what you love

We all at one point had those dreams of doing a job that we loved and would jump out of bed for clicking our heels together ecstatic for the start of another day. Along the way though, those dreams might have to change and though you’ll of course enjoy your current job to some extent, it’s not perhaps hitting the emotional heights you had envisioned early on in your life.

With your current 9 to 5, you may find yourself frustrated and confined to a role that is black and white and doesn’t allow you to grow as a working professional. With contracting however, there is great scope for professional development and many contractors you speak to will testify they love their work as a contractor. The next few reasons might give further impetus to this argument.

Be your own boss

Clock watching, we’ve all done it haven’t we? It’s a Friday afternoon, your day has slowly wound down to a stop and you’re trying to be ultra productive and think of things you can do to keep yourself busy. You’ve done all your work but you’re contracted to be there till 5pm so you’ll do almost anything to pass the time.

That weekly pain can be a thing of the past with contracting. With contracting, you can be your own boss and have more control of what you earn, and where and when you work. With your work all done for the week, you can call it a day on Friday afternoon knowing you are your own boss and are in control.

Find that balance

The art of finding time is making time. We all want to find time for family, friends and loved ones, and time to explore new hobbies and interests, and pursue exciting passions. With the rigid schedule of a 9 to 5, we don’t always get that flexibility we crave and as a result we find things in our lives suffer as a result as we can’t always be there.

Thanks to the control that contracting can give you, one thing you’ll experience is a work life that is more balanced. Find more time for the things that matter by finding a work life that works for you, whether it’s taking an extended holiday to help you reconnect or cutting down your hours during your week to give you time to pick up the kids. Whatever it is, it can be achieved thanks to the flexibility contracting can offer.

Reap the rewards

Contractors can enjoy great financial benefit thanks to their unique tax status, and of course the high daily rates they can command. Some contracting roles can have a daily rate as high as £700 per day. Compare this to the overworked and underpaid life of a full time employee, the financial rewards you can reap as a contractor are huge.

Go on a journey

Contracting is a journey, and one that is truly exciting! One week you could be working on a challenging project in the hustle and bustle of London, and then a few weeks later be ending that contract to take a two month sabbatical abroad whilst you pursue outdoor passions like deep sea diving and absailing, to then return to a contract which allows you to work remotely.

Your life as a contractor can be an exciting story, and where it will take you next is up to you!

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