How A.I can help Recruitment

21st May 2017

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We are living in a world where technology is enabling faster and more efficient processes with small but important administrative tasks becoming outsourced to virtual assistants. Our demand for things has become more imminent and we are constantly looking at new ways to automate.

Some may argue that technology poses a threat to the human worker and will make their offering in the work place redundant in a matter of years. The mention of the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’ might provoke some fear in industries as the interpretation of those words brings about the idea of human behaviour and knowledge becoming replicated and eventually replaced. This is hardly the case. It’s in our make-up to make our lives (both personal and work) easier and artificial intelligence is only enhancing our ability and potential as human beings and our influence in industries.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to add over $700 million to the UK market by the year 2035, with healthcare and transportation just some of the industries embracing it for the better with a view to creating a better future for all.

A.I is a source of great discussion within the industry of recruitment, with a number of organisations looking to leverage its influence to help improve the job/candidate hunt by lessening a recruiter’s workload and improving a candidate’s search experience.

Here’s what A.I can do for the recruitment process.

A helping hand

A.I’s interpretative and predictive behaviour gives endorsement to the old saying two heads are better than one. A human user’s energy, knowledge, understanding and brain power can only physically do so much. In any work process, there is something that is bound to go amiss or become forgotten about on behalf of a human user and artificial intelligence can provide a safety net for physical users for things they may have overlooked or not considered.

Thinking about this in the context of recruitment, imagine a candidate signing up as a user for a recruitment platform. They may only enter their profile details to a basic level or to a level of detail that they personally believe will suffice to make a good impression to recruiters and will make them easily discover-able by talent seekers. What artificial intelligence allows is a guiding framework to advise how candidates can improve their profile through steps they may not have been aware of.

Long term this may prove beneficial for candidates wishing to enhance their employ-ability by further training and experience with A.I. giving them the encouragement to constantly improve their candidate profiles.

Who are you looking for?

At whatever stage in your life, you may remember that one favourite restaurant who knew how you liked your steak cooked, or the video clerk who could give you a trusted recommendation based on your favourite movies. These people may still even be in your life, but it’s these types of people that can make your lives easier, seamless, instant and more decisive. Sometimes in your life, all you want is someone to know what you want and make that decision for you and make it happen for you.

We can apply this idea of personal recommendation and instant gratification to recruitment. Recruiters and hiring managers, if briefed well, will know what candidates they want. The real challenge of course is finding them. Thanks again to A.I’s predictive qualities, an A.I influenced recruitment platform can understand a recruiter or hiring manager’s search activity and candidate engagement, along with job posting history, to gain an understanding of the type of candidate they are seeking. From this behavioural interpretation, a platform can make recommended suggestions to recruiters and hiring managers that are both accurate and instant.

Faster and Smarter

There’s no limits to how far A.I can help both recruiters and candidates. With the technology advancing at a rapid rate, A.I will continue to demonstrate a greater understanding of the behaviour, trends and overall mindset of talent seekers and job hunters that will ultimately help reduce hurdles in the hiring process and thus provide a smarter and faster experience for both parties.

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