Hit the ground running with your next contract

12th March 2017

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Contracting may be a rewarding lifestyle, however it isn’t as simple as some people would like to make it out to be. There’s a sense of immediacy attached to it hence the need to hire fast and the job at hand of the contractor having to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Contractors unfortunately don’t have the luxury of time afforded to some full-time employees who are allowed to grow a bit more slowly into their roles to help shape their company long term. With them only contracted to a role or project for a set amount of time, they need to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.

If you are starting a new contract soon, here are some key tips to ensure your time in the contract is as productive as it can be.

What are your goals?

Like any job, you need to have an objective set to it. What is the ultimate goal that has been set to you by your employer? Having this in place early on will ensure you know what you are working towards and will help you effectively plan your work schedule to achieve these goals. Having goals in place, as key performance indicators will also help you not becoming sidetracked on other tasks that your employer might try to get you to work on. With a clear goal set, everyone is clear in understanding why you are working at the company and all your work is geared towards the successful completion of this.

Monitor your goals

Once a goal is set and you have something to work towards, it’s ideal to have some form of measurement tool in place to help you gauge how well you’re achieving these objectives. You might only have a short amount of time in your contract so time management is essential. Maintain a record of your progress to ensure you’re delivering your work on time and you are on top of things. Don’t worry if early on it seems you might be falling behind with your workload, the reason to have these monitoring tools in place is to assess your progress and see how you can better your work practices.

Get your team on side

As a contractor, despite the fact you won’t be at a workplace for a permanent amount of time it is still important to work well with your colleagues. Productivity in the work place starts with positive employee relations. A lot of your colleagues will likely to be working there full time and they will have their own methods of working. It’s important to respect these and ensure you blend in well into the team by adapting to the team accordingly. Keeping the team you work with happy and on your side will help you get the best results from them and help towards achieving your goals.

Find a system that works for you

Starting at a new place of work, you of course have to adapt slightly to how it works. But as a contractor it is important you carry out your work in a way that suits you and produces the most efficient results for you and your employer. An employer will understand this as they hired you in the knowledge that you can deliver this work in the set amount of time. They want to get the best out of you and if that means being flexible to your needs, they will happily oblige. Perhaps you find you’re more productive at earlier times, or find working remotely or at home once a week leaves you with no distraction to concentrate on larger projects. Whatever works best for you and produces the best results, don’t be afraid to communicate this across to your employer.

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