Get ready for the week ahead contractors!

16th February 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

With the week about to kick off here on the iContract platform, whilst recruiters and employers are having an e-mail tidy up and sipping that third coffee of the day to enliven and propel themselves into the week ahead, we wanted to give our contractor community a little head start to prepare them for the types of contracts coming up.

Whether you’re in the legal, financial or tech sectors we’re seeing a plethora of roles regularly posted on iContract that demand varying skill-sets.

In tech, we have seen a number of developer roles that require experience of numerous web languages as Java and Drupal but also on multiple platforms; iOS, Android and Web, where other tech contracts have asked for a consummate knowledge of Infrastructure and Architecture.

Business Analyst roles have been prevalent in both finance and technology, with other contracts covering in-demand skill-sets such as Change Management, Risk Assessment, Planning and Delivery.

Then we’ve also got more admin and user experience focused IT contracts such as desktop support roles and testers.

An exciting week lays ahead for both contractors and recruiters! Contractors, be sure your iContract profile is spruced up and you’ve entered your key skills to ensure relevant and accurate job matches. And recruiters, start connecting with more contractors as our contractor grows more and more with over 150 contractors signing up each week!

Take a look at the latest contracts posted this morning at iContract on and join the 4,000 strong contractor community already on the platform.

If your profile needs a spruce up or you’re looking to enhance your user experience of the platform, why not download our free guide book here.