Get first rate contractor advice from iContract’s service provider community!

16th August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

With iContract now LIVE for over a week, we hope you’re making great use of the platform and interacting with fellow iContract users.

As well as searching for your next contract, getting instant recommendations to live roles, and chatting with recruiters and fellow contractors, did you know that iContract has an active community of Service Providers that are here to help you on any contractor related enquiry you may have?

Perhaps you’re looking for a new mortgage that is in line with your latest contract, financial advice on investment, guidance on contractor insurance, or a new accountancy provider?

iContract has a number of first rate and highly recommended solution providers that you can access through the site. Simply go to the ‘Services’ tab within your dashboard, and from there you’ll be able to perform a filtered search of what your specific contractor requirements are, where you can select your desired provider and access further information about them, and get in touch with them.

They are there to help with any issue you may be facing as a contractor and are keen to hear from you all!