GDPR struggles as a recruiter

24th May 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

One of the biggest and most imminent obstacles for recruiters isn’t the ongoing Brexit saga or the slightly over-dramatised emergence and evolvement of A.I. No, it is of course the now implemented GDPR changes.

No doubt you received a flurry of e-mails swamp your inbox all asking you if you wished to continue hearing from them. Now that data rights and responsibilities have been tightened, individuals have the right to be deleted and forgotten and companies have a bigger responsibility to be more transparent in their reasons for holding certain data.

Recruiters and hiring managers as a result have now had to rethink and replan how they manage their candidate data. Candidate databases will no doubt diminish as there is an increasing urge on candidates’ behalf for their data to be no longer held, either temporarily or permanently.

In these agile times, where to find the right candidate is so fiercely competitive – where can recruiters go to find the latest pool of candidates? More importantly, candidates who they can contact in the knowledge that their candidate profile is up to date, relevant and are in the job market or not.

Recruiters will need to rely on live and regularly updated candidate job markets and platforms to ensure their candidate searches are compliant and in line with GDPR changes.

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