Four ways you can help us improve iContract

26th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

iContract is constantly growing with nearly 2,000 contractors registered so far. With lots of exciting things in the pipeline like the Mobile App and the Rating System, there’s lots to look forward to. But of course we don’t want to get complacent and want to provide both contractors and recruiters a platform that will improve their working lives.

iContract’s users, from its original batch of iHeroes to its ever expanding contractor-recruiter community – you have been the ones driving the positive changes at iContract.

But perhaps you’ve got a voice with something to say and not sure how to say it? Here then are four ways you can help the iContract team improve iContract.


We always welcome feedback, whether it’s good, bad or constructive, it lets us know what we’re doing right or where we’re going wrong. Remember, we work with the platform every day so it’s likely there’ll be things we sometimes miss. It could be a simple user experience issue, perhaps it’s a feature you don’t find beneficial or you find it super useful! Whatever it is, let us know by e-mail here.

Skills and Functions

iContract covers three sectors Finance, Legal and Tech. We’ve done our best to cover all possible skill requirements and functions that are associated with these industries, but of course we are bound to have missed a few. Remember iContract’s algorithm is skills based so we want to ensure our populated list has as many of the required skills listed to ensure more accurate contract and contractor searches. Whether you’re a contractor or a recruiter, if there’s a skill that you think is missing, let us know and we can add it!

Attend the events

We want to give our contractor community a public voice as well as an online one and we aim to do that with our series of live events. Hosted by iContract and a special accompanying guest, these events will be a platform for you to share your thoughts on the platform and talk to the iContract team on a one to one basis. Be sure to mark your attendance at our forthcoming Contractor/Recruiter social here, which will be the first of many.

Suggestions for the future

As well as leaving your feedback on what’s good and not so good about iContract, we’re always keen to hear your ideas for the future and how we can make things better. We’ve got the Mobile App in development, as well as a planned Rating System and Social Universe, but is there something else we can include in the platform that will enhance your iContract experience further? We want to make iContract the best platform available for contractor and contractor recruiters, so if you have a suggestion of how we can improve things, let us know!

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