Extra! Extra! New search update for iContract!

18th January 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

We have fantastic news to share with you that will put a smile on your face and most importantly,enhance your user experience of iContract!

We’ve recently rolled out an update that our fab tech team have been working hard on these last couple of weeks, that will improve the way you search for contracts on iContract.

Our search tool now supports Boolean searches that allow users to use commands such as AND, OR, NOT, “”,*,( ), meaning you can now perform complex and detailed contract searches with ease, ensuring more accurate and refined search results.
Any search you perform now using these commands will be checked against a number of different data fields such as a contract’s title, description, skills, sector, industry, etc.
Here’s a quick rundown of how these commands work;
AND – indicates both sides of the command will be searched for, e.g. Java Developer = Java AND Developer
OR – indicates either side of the command should be searched for, e.g. Developer with Java or Ruby experience = Java OR Ruby
NOT – indicates a specific term should not be present in any search, e.g Developer with Java and not Ruby experience = Java NOT Ruby. Further clarity can be added by using AND, e.g. Java AND NOT Ruby
* – can be used to match search terms with potentially alternative endings, e.g. Java Develop* will search for Java and any words beginning with Develop – development, developer, etc
“” – groups together multiple words as one single search term, e.g Java Developer – “Java Developer”
( ) – groups together search terms but overrides the general rules for commands, allowing certain commands to be used before others when needed – e.g. (Java or Ruby) and London
Start using our newly improved search tool now and generate more accurate search results in your hunt for a new contract.
If you have any questions about the newly updated search engine, you can drop us a line or find out more at this helpful link.