Enjoying the Easter break

29th March 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

It’s the first bank holiday weekend of the year, and importantly a highly anticipated break and rest for most of the UK’s workforce. With the month of March almost over, it marks a quarter of the way into 2018. With this 4 day weekend, the Easter break presents a unique opportunity for the UK workforce to look at and embrace a number of things that will hopefully set the course for the rest of their 2018.

Time to reflect

For the last 3 months or so, you’ve no doubt be working hard and doubling your efforts whether it’s; developing your professional profile through training, working in a current contract, or making the necessary plans to find your next contract. Whatever you’ve done in these first few months, you’ll no doubt have experienced the rough with the smooth. Now we’re in the Easter break and spring has now arrived, it marks an opportune time to reflect on your 2018 so far. Where have you gone right? Is there anything you think you could have done better?

A successful ingredient for personal enhancement and development, is the ability and willingness to improve and better yourself. By reflecting on both your achievements and failings, will set you up for a successful and productive remainder of the year.

Get driven and look ahead

Where the Easter breaks presents a welcome short period of rest and recreation, most will find themselves at the end of it super keen to get back to work and hit the ground running. Use this rest time to not just recharge, but also re-inspire yourself. With summer just round the corner and the weather constantly improving after a long and dreary winter, your mood will no doubt be elevated and you’ll be keen to crack on with what lies ahead.

Perhaps this time off will provide you with a chance to create some goals to work to and ultimate achievements you want to reach.

Relax with family and friends

The next few months will undoubtedly be busy for you, so it’s important you are fighting fit for what lies ahead. Use this time to relax and recharge yourself and ensure you’re refreshed for the next few months. Be sure to take time out with those most important to you – your friends and family. They are the ones that keep you inspired, driven and grounded, so let them know what they mean to you. It’s vital to always ensure you’re maintaining that balanced work life and you can always find time for them.


A lot can happen in four days you could argue. But to be honest, it’s quite likely not to be the case over the Easter break. Where we live in such a connected world today, it is hard to break away from habits such as checking e-mails on our phones constantly. With this extended break this is the perfect opportunity to disengage from modern day technology and day-to-day work and get better connected with the things that matter. This Easter break, don’t be afraid to set the out of office e-mail and turn off the work phone – work life will resume as normal upon your return and not replying to that e-mail won’t have made any difference to things.

Happy Easter from all of us at the iContract team!

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