Enjoying Christmas as a Contractor

19th December 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

The festive season is truly here and Christmas spirit is in the air, with the big day getting closer each day. These next few days, you’re likely to be finishing your last few commitments for your current contract, or doing a bit of prep work for the year ahead.

The Christmas holidays offer a unique time to catch up on certain things and prepare yourself for the start of the next year. This holiday season, here’s just a few ways you can enjoy Christmas as a contractor.

Christmas in the community

We all know that sometimes contracting can be a lonely business. Whether you’re working remotely from home, or a recent starter in a big team of permanent employees – Christmas can sometimes exacerbate this feeling even more with yourself potentially missing out on Christmas office parties and the general festive comraderarie that can be enjoyed amongst permanent staff.

Never fear, more and more offline contractor commmunities are emerging for you to engage with, inlcuding of course iContract’s growing community of over 3,000 contractors. Why not strike up a conversation on our social universe and get chatting to your peers.


As a contractor, you can enjoy that work-life balance we all crave, with the flexibility contracting offers. However, you’ll never benefit from this freedom if you are unable to disconnect from your work life. Don’t get tied to your work over the holidays and have one eye on your phone and e-mail. Be sure to switch off and unplug and enjoy those things that are far more important in life.


With this idea of unplugging during the festive period, however much time you choose to take off, it’s best to always inform important clients of this before hand. A simple note that states what your working hours are this Christmas period will always be welcome. Why not go that extra mile and communicate this along with a small Christmas gift and card? Tis the season to be giving after all.

Recharge, Refresh and Indulge

Now is the time to put your feet up and take that well earned rest and reflect upon the last year. Christmas offers a time for you to recharge your batteries. Ensure you get as much rest as you need so you’re going into 2018 refreshed and ready. The worst thing you’d want is to go into the new year, still experiencing some form of burnout. Christmas also offers a time to indulge – make you sure you do this and enjoy every minute with the ones you love.

Be sure you enjoy the festivities this Christmas, and we’ll see you back in the New Year, with lots more contracts and recruiters on the iContract platform!