Don’t let your connections go cold on iContract BETA!

25th July 2017

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Connect with recruiters and receive invites to live jobs!

How is your personal network looking on iContract BETA? Don’t let your connections go cold and explore the fantastic features within iContract’s ‘Connections’ section.

Connect with the latest recruiters to register with iContract. If you’re looking for a particular recruiter, use the criteria search within the ‘Search Connections’ feature, and connect by clicking ‘Connect to User’ on their drop-down menu.

Once connected, go to ‘My Connections’ and message a recruiter by clicking ‘Send Message’ on their profile’s drop-down menu. You can talk to them and enquire about any jobs they have posted or are planning to post in the future, anything you want!

Did you know you can also receive invites from recruiters to apply for live jobs they have via a message? A recruiter can attach a contract they have posted in a message for you to look at and apply for!

Now start getting the best out of your connections on iContract BETA today and use our fabulous message feature!