Contractors, can you help each other?

14th July 2017

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Contractors – Can you help each other to get the best contracts on the site?

iContract BETA has been up and running for 3 weeks now and we are glad to announce that we have reached over 700 users with new live contracts added onto the site every day. We’ve met some of you in person through our offline events and thank you very much for sharing your ideas and suggestions with us.

One frustration repetitively came up through the discussion is “I have applied for the job, but have not received any response from recruiters?” Yes, we know recruiters are not the most responsive person when coming to keep contractors up to date on applications, and yes, we want to create an engaged and interactive platform for you contractors. Recruiters receive hundreds of applications every day and time is money, so they only go for the candidates they think, “meet the criteria”. iContract intends to bring transparency to the market, so every time you make an application, at least you know who is the recruiter behind the job, you can request to connect with them, and you can even check out whether they have viewed your profile through “Who’s viewed my profile” section in your dashboard. With these additional functions, we hope to bring more clarity and interaction through our platform.

However, we have been thinking what more can we do to help you contractors? What if we can get the person who is looking for contractors directly on iContract? I remember those days when I worked as a contractor. The best person to introduce you to the contract is the contractor already on the project, isn’t it?  So here is our new initiative, contractors, help us to spread the word! If you know someone who is hiring contractors, send iContract their way. Click here  to send an invitation to the contractors and hiring managers you know. We will follow it up!

Together, we can make iContract a better community and a better channel to find you that dream contract directly from the hirers.

Your best,

Amanda Cai Founder and CEO at iContract