Contractors can help start-ups grow

15th May 2017

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The United Kingdom witnessed a record high of 650,000 new start-ups last year and as we near the half-way mark of 2017, the UK should be on course to beat this figure come the end of this year. An entrepreneurial spirit has certainly engulfed the country with more people wanting to give their idea legs and create their own exciting journeys.

More individuals with that big idea are keen to make that jump and get their start-up off the ground. Like any newly created business, one important element that needs considerable attention is recruitment. Not only do you need to find people who have the necessary skill-set and experience required to take your organisation forward, they also need to share the common set of goals that your start-up is striving towards. Then there is of course financial matters, whatever form of funding you may have for your start-up, the type of packages you may be able to offer will be slightly different to ones offered in traditional organisations.

Alongside the boom of start-ups, we’ve also witnessed a continual increase in contractors, with more workers ditching the 9 to 5 and taking more control of their working lives and benefiting from the flexibility this type of work offers. The correlation between start-ups and contractors is no surprise, and hiring contractors is definitely something that start-up founders should consider to help get their start-ups off the ground. Here’s why…

Only the best will do

Contractor numbers are on the rise mainly because of the recognition they receive. That recognition is from employers but also from themselves. IT Contractors, whether they be coders or developers, know of their unique place in the world and understand that they are a valuable commodity in the start-up world. Their in-demand skill-set has given them more freedom to work on projects that they are passionate about, and allowed them more flexibility to pick and choose who they work with and how they work.

Where they are a different breed to full-time workers in that their career progression has a far wider scope for development, contractors in tech sectors are regarded as the best of the best. Contractors are leveraging this positive reputation and calling the shots with companies wanting to hire them. If you want the best talent for your start-up, it’s wise to choose a contractor.


As exciting the prospect of any start-up is, there is always going to be uncertainty around your idea gaining traction immediately. With this in mind, you’ll have to adopt a lean approach to finances and long term employee benefits such as company healthcare plans, holiday and sick pay may have to be put on hold initially. Hiring a contractor means you’ll only pay for the work they do and you’ll save important funds by not having to invest in these company benefits, plus save you from the administrative headache of arranging these when all your initial energy will want to be focused on getting your start-up moving in the right direction.


Much like the financial incentive that hiring contractors can bring, using a contractor will give your start-up a great level of flexibility which may be needed in its early stages. Again, where you’ll only pay for the work they deliver, you can use this to your advantage and schedule their workload accordingly and more in line with your weekly or monthly budgets.

Contractors will also appreciate this freedom and you’ll see a return in this level of trust. Giving them the flexibility to have one of their working days be at home or of an evening, they’ll find themselves be more productive with their working duties and your start-up’s progress will flourish because of it.

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