Contractors…a fantastic resource in these agile times

20th April 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

The recruitment industry has certainly had its mix of challenges over the years, but despite everything, it has come out stronger and always adapted to change for the better.

Warnings that recruitment could one day be replaced altogether by technology and automation appear to be slightly over hyped. Where technology might give recruiting a good run for its money, the art of hiring will always require that human touch.

If anything technology should only be enhancing the work of recruiters and making their working lives easier and more efficient.

One resource that will prove effective for recruiters now and years to come is that of contractors. And with iContract’s growing community of nearly 7,000 contractors, recruiters have found a new platform that will empower them in their hiring.

But where will this fantastic resource for contractors come in useful?


The tech world is booming and with this, we’ve seen a meteoric rise in start-ups. With so many industries ripe for disruption, more start-ups are emerging each day with unique and innovative offerings.

As much as a good idea a start-up might have, if it wants to scale the same heights as Uber or Facebook, it needs to grow sensibly.

With the flexibility and financial savings they offer, contractors are a sensible choice for start-ups with their hiring needs.

New challenges

The world of work is constantly facing new challenges. Today, whether they are to do with Brexit or upcoming GDPR changes, these challenges call for specialist help that require immediate attention. With contractors’ unique skill-set, companies are facing increasing need for their services and there’s no question that within 20 years, fresh challenges will emerge that will intensify the need for more contractors.

More opportunities

The job market is booming and the demand for talent is greater. Thanks to a culmination of factors (the previous ones mentioned being two) plus the advancement of technology, and how it is changing the way we work and empowering more individuals – this in turn is creating endless opportunities.

With more opportunities, there will constantly be a need for more contractors.

The new normal that will lead to a better life

The digital revolution we’re currently a part of is enhancing the way we work. Digital is shattering the glass ceiling and 9 to 5 is no longer seen as the status quo. More people want better control of their working lives and enjoy more flexibility and freedom, and technology is enabling them to do this.

This desire for a better working life is the new normal and we’ll no doubt see more people embrace this and become a freelancer or contractor.

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