Contractor Christmas List

8th December 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

With us now in December, and Christmas on its way, it truly is the season to be jolly! If you are a contractor, or have a number of contractor friends, you might be thinking more about what you can put on your Christmas lift this year, or what you can put in the stocking of that contractor friend of yours. Here’s some great contractor gift ideas.

Co-working space membership

As a contractor, you can be constantly on the move. Rather than having to rely on intermittent wi-fi signals at local coffee houses, we’re seeing contractors take advantage of the numerous trendy co-working spaces that are popping up across UK regions.

These spaces are a great place to work for contractors because of their resources, and general tone and vibe. Why not this year, buy a membership to one of the UK’s many work spaces for a contractor you know?

Tech equipment

One thing a contractor has to be is tech ready. There’s an array of technical equipment you could buy for your contractor friends that they would love. Whether it’s the latest tablet, or a dongle stick to keep them connected in remote places – any contractor will love to open the latest work gadgets on Christmas morning.

Home Office Improvement

Most contractors are likely to have their own personal office space. Why not get a contractor friend something that will enhance their office space? Be it office décor, stationary, or equipment – any present could be something physical, or even as simple as a voucher!

iContract Account Set-Up

With 2018 just round the corner, and full of opportunity, and with 3,000 contractors, over 600 recruiters, and 1,300 live jobs so far – it’s a great time to find that next contract of yours through iContract. Why not this Christmas, register your contractor friend with a free iContract account and get them set-up for 2018. It might also be of interest to know that the iContract team offer a free account set-up.

Find out more about what iContract can do for you in 2018. Visit and register your free contractor profile.