Common misconceptions about what’s stopping you being a contractor

14th July 2017

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We all have dreams throughout our lives, dreams we want to chase, may only cling onto, and perhaps never realise because of our realist and conservative approach to life. Dreams come in all different shapes and sizes and whatever the dream, you shouldn’t be held back in chasing it for whatever reasons you think will stop you from achieving it.

As surprising as it sounds, working for yourself can be considered a dream. People want the freedom to work for their selves, be able to dictate their own hours and working conditions and not be a slave to the 9 to 5. Working as a contractor gives you the freedom and flexibility we all desire, as well as the great financial reward. With this, we’ve seen more people take the steps to become a contractor and never look back from it. Despite this, there are still of course those who have aspirations of leaving their 9 to 5 job and taking the leap to become a contractor, but are yet to as they have certain fears and reservations. What exactly are they then?


There are certain occupations that have pre-conceived associations attached to them, and one of those regular associations is the subject of age. Many believe that to be employed, active and successful in some occupations, one has to be of a specific age. Where there might be some small truth in that; age, at the end of the day, is just a number. One need only look at the case of Donald Trump, who at the age of 70 was hired by the American people for one of the biggest jobs in the world, US President.

There may be some perception that Contracting is a young person’s game or an occupation which you can only follow when a person is at an age where they have no major commitments or personal ties. This is far from the truth. Whether your young or slightly older, if you have the skill-set and knowledge, plus the drive and determination to succeed, contracting is open to all working professionals.


With any career change, there is always that fear or apprehension that you’ll have to start from scratch and re-train. This is not the case with contracting. The only thing you’re drastically changing is the status of your employment. You will still be using the skills, experience and knowledge you’ve accrued but in a slightly different work set-up. Many contractors who have made the jump from full time to contractor have done so with ease and it’s been a smooth transition. No special training course is required to be taken before you start as a contractor, all you need is your skills, knowledge and experience and a positive attitude and strong work ethic.


Leaving the security of a full time job with a guaranteed pay-check at the end of each month, is never going to sound enticing to anyone. Going from a full time role to being a contractor is regarded by some as a risky move as work is not always guaranteed and therefore doesn’t provide stability. This is another false statement, although there may be some truth in the fact that leaving behind a full time role and jumping into the sometimes unknown world of contracting can be risky – the contracting industry is bursting with opportunity with many employers in the field of finance, legal and tech requiring short to medium term support on complex projects which require specialist skills. With it predicted that 50% of the UK workforce will be self-employed by 2020, contracting is definitely on the rise!

No resources, no community…nothing

It’s perceived by some that when you start out as a contractor, you’re completely on your own and there is no community to rely upon for advice, or no resource for finding contract opportunities, with contract jobs considered to be more word of mouth based and all about who you know. The connected world we now live in has created communities for contractors to engage with and interact with others through, and provided contractors with platforms containing contractor opportunities which they can tap into. If you’re thinking of starting out as a contractor, you are in no way alone, and advice, community resource and the latest contract opportunities are just a click away.

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