Common frustrations in finding that next contract

13th August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Ask any contractor about their experiences in finding work and for the majority of time their response will be solid but not spectacular. Most contractors seem to just manage and get along OK in finding that next contract. It might be through a job board, a LinkedIn advertisement, word of mouth, and other more ad-hoc ways that most contractors seemingly will just put up with.

There is arguably a great deal of frustration within the contractor community about the means of finding their next contract. What seem to be the biggest problems that contractors face today in their job hunting exploits?

Irrelevant matches

Skilled contractors who are in demand will certainly get their fair share of job offers from numerous sources, be it online or over the phone. 9 times out of 10 however, a contract that is offered to them bears no relevance to them whatsoever, whether it be based on their skills and experience, or their preferences be it location or day rate. They have been contacted about these roles usually due to a lack of research and there not being the correct tools to assess whether they’re a fit for these roles.

Lack of detail

In the numerous job boards that are available, they are without question plentiful in the amount of contracts that are listed. However, the details on some of these contracts are sketchy to say the least. Where there seems to be a heavy focus on description and a lot of hyperbole surrounding how great the role is, there is a lack of clarity on details such as location and pay. This drums up a several conundrums for contractors with them not knowing whether to pursue these contracts and go the distance with them, without the knowledge that these may not be well suited to their personal requirements.

Where and when are these jobs live?

Like any job search, you can be inundated with choices of sites to visit and platforms to use to find your next opportunity, and it’s usually a case of dumb luck that you’ve stumbled upon an ideal role for yourself. With no go-to place to visit for contract opportunities, contractors are unsure of where to visit first to find that next contract. Where are the type of contracts I want being posted, and where are they being posted, and how often?

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