Can recruitment win back its personal touch?

6th March 2017

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It’s no myth that recruiters today struggle with that personal touch that a number of candidates are after when applying for positions. With recruitment so diverse and client demand intense and immediate, a recruiter’s time is extremely precious and as much as they would love to treat each candidate with all the time of day, they simply can’t. Given the competitiveness of the market, a recruiter needs to connect with the right candidates quickly when handed a role or project to advertise.

Advertising a role to public platforms or to your own pool of candidates (of which your knowledge isn’t always as intrinsically detailed as you’d like it to be) can inundate you with a number of enquiries and applications about the position. So begins then your screening process. Filtering down these candidates to a suitable shortlist of applicants is another prolonged experience and the amount of interest in a role from candidates that are not ideally suited to it, only lengthens it more.

Candidates that feel their applications don’t get enough attention should try to understand more about a recruiter’s filtering methods. A quick scan of your CV is sometimes all a recruiter needs to determine whether a person is suitable or not for a position. Candidates then should not feel offended if they’re not considered for a role that is out of their skill set and experience, and furthermore haven’t had a phone call, or an e-mail to explain why not.

Personalisation is something that recruiters do not want to neglect in their approach to candidates, but it is something they are having to adopt selectively based on their client’s needs. At the end of the day, recruitment is still a business focused on customer care and a candidate’s happiness is still key in a recruiter’s remit.

Online search and technology is helping the candidate and recruiter relationship become more open and transparent. Platforms utilising these developments and producing algorithms using detailed data based on recruiter preferences and candidate skills and experience, are providing a more tailored and compatible search experience for both candidate and recruiter. This has resulted in recruiters being able to find candidates more akin to the requirements of their client and likewise candidates finding opportunities more in line with their skills, experience and needs. A recruiter’s time is now proving more productive with them being allowed to connect to the right candidate with more immediacy, and thus freeing up more personal one to one time with them.

iContract is a platform that is helping recruiters in the contractor sector connect instantly with the right type of candidates. Its focused criteria search and smart recommendation engine is providing recruiters with an efficient filtering tool for candidate data. Its instant messaging platform is also providing recruiters a more personable experience throughout the contract hire processes.

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