Calling all current and future contractors: Get involved!

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Welcome to iContract – an online network to connect professional contractors with recruiters. We’re here to help you find your next contract and stay in charge of your work-life balance.

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It’s your life. Make it work.

Contracting can be a highly rewarding, varied and interesting way to work. Technology is making employment ever more flexible and firms are looking to staff projects with skilled contractors just like you. iContract is here to help you fulfil that dream of yours – whether that’s to fast-track your career or just to work a few months to fund a winter adventure.

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With our simple and slick platform, iContract makes the hunt for your next project fun, fast and financially rewarding.

  • Tailored search: simply add your unique skills, availability and day rate. Our smart recommendation engine will show you made-to-measure contracts you won’t want to miss out on
  • Apply quickly: instantly generate a polished iContract CV from your profile to send to a recruiter in just one click
  • Connect: chat directly with recruiters about the roles they have advertised, and make sure you’re front-of-mind for future contracts
  • Transparent process: Track the status of your applications. Make informed decisions on whether to be bold and make the next move or whether to play it cool
  • Build your network: Chat with other contractors and recruiters online, share your experiences or knowledge and meet in-person at our industry events 
  • Discover resources and services: download our free industry guides and reach out to our recommended service providers (including accountants, insurance providers and mortgage brokers) all under one roof

iContract has been created by contractors for contractors. You won’t have to wait long to get started – launch day is near! We’re really looking forward to sharing iContract with you.

Pre-register now to grab a front seat! We are launching in financial services, management consultancy and law, with plans to expand into other sectors soon. Stay tuned…