A personal thank you from me…

12th March 2018

Article written by:

Amanda from iContract

Whether you are one of iContract’s users or followers I wanted to personally thank you for your ongoing support of the platform.

It’s been a non-stop, roller coaster journey so far and we were thrilled to announce last week that our contractor community reached over 5,000 registered users.

The story doesn’t end there though! As you may know we are currently engaged in a crowdfunding campaign with SEEDRS, that has soared past the 80% mark of our target, with over £250,000 raised in the space of a few weeks.

We have exciting plans for the future and this campaign will enable us to take a giant leap forward in our development and progress as a platform.

The support we’ve had for this campaign has been overwhelming with over 100+ investors demonstrating their belief in iContract with their own personal investment.

But don’t worry, there’s still time to play a part! You can find out more about iContract’s vision for the future at our SEEDRS campaign page –*

By contributing to our SEEDRS campaign, you’ll have played a huge role in what is an exciting chapter in our story!

Please feel free to get in touch with me personally if you’d like to know more about iContract and how you can potentially be involved.

Thank you for your time.


Amanda Cai

iContract CEO & Co-founder

*Don’t forget our SEEDRS campaign is EIS approved which can provide investors 30% of their investment back in income tax relief, and can be used to offset any personal tax liabilities. Find out more about the scheme here.