A look back at my time with iContract

20th July 2017

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Sadly here at iContract HQ, our intern from the U.S, Teddy is soon to return home to the States. It’s been great having him here at iContract and the two months he’s been here have flown by. Teddy looks back on his time at iContract and shares with us the experience he’s gained and the things he’s learnt. 

My eight-week internship program is sadly coming to an end. While I certainly am excited to see my family and friends back home, I am going to miss the city that has made my summer one that I will always remember. When I first arrived, I was wide-eyed and quite nervous. However, seven weeks later I feel at home and comfortable navigating the city that once seemed so daunting.

On June 12, I arrived at the iContract office in a button down and blazer ready to learn as much as possible about an industry that, being completely honest, I knew little to nothing about. A lot has changed since then – I now wear a t-shirt and shorts while also feeling that I have a solid understanding of the world that is contracting.  Watching and being a part of a start-up company that continues to grow has been a special experience that not many people my age are fortunate enough to get. Many of my peers are interning at big corporations and have very little interaction with co-workers. On the contrary, being at a start-up has allowed me to interact with others whilst also seeing the benefits and difficulties of starting a company from scratch.

I am really looking forward to following iContract’s success over the years and hope that I have added at least a little bit to a company that has such promise. I would like to thank the iContract team for giving me this opportunity and wish them nothing but the best in the years to come. Hopefully one day they will be in the US and, who knows, maybe I’ll use the platform to find a contract!