5 things to do on a break between contracts

26th July 2017

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The British summer holidays are considered to be a quiet time work wise in the UK, with many working professionals using this period as a chance to jet off to warmer climates. As a contractor, you’re quite likely to be one of those people and have a number of weeks before you embark upon your next contract. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs not knowing to do on this prolonged break, here’s a few ideas to help you keep busy.

Plan ahead!

With your next contract likely to start early to mid September time, there’s no reason why you can’t be super productive and look beyond this and start making preparations for the beginning of next year. Expand your network and find out if some employers are going to have a flurry of certain contract roles advertised in the coming months. By talking about these contracts now, you’ve at least planted some form of seed in an employer’s head and you’ll be one step ahead of others.

Spruce up your profile

It pays to have a review of your CV or any form of online job profile every few months. Have a look at your current profile and see where it could be improved, and think about what you’ve achieved these past few months and if there’s anything you can include that will boost your profile to prospective employers. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help, take advantage of your networks and see if your peers can take a look at your CV and see where you think it might need improving.


Professional industries never stand still and are always evolving. If you have time off, use it wisely and invest in some short training courses. Many of these can be done at home online, or can be fitted around other commitments. Think about where your CV needs improving and what kind of skills employers are looking for today and see what courses are available.

Pursue your passion

With all this free time, you may find yourself wanting to follow a passion of yours you’ve always wanted to take up but never found the time to do. It could be an adventure sport like surfing or cross country biking, or something more personal, like writing a book, or learning a new language.

Rest and recharge

Having a break from work means exactly that, so take a break! Put your feet up, relax and recharge! Go on holiday and soak up the sun, read that book or watch that film you’ve always wanted to, spend more time with your loved ones – it’s your own personal break, make it your own!

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