5 fantastic ways you can watch the sports this summer at work

26th June 2018

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With the World Cup in full swing and Wimbledon starting next week, we are spoilt this summer for sport viewing. But what if you’re stuck in the office working and can’t catch all the action? Here are 5 fantastic ways you can watch all the sporting action this summer whilst at work!

Office TV

The way the modern office is evolving, it should seem a reasonable request to ask permission to have some form of office TV installed into your workplace, be it temporary or permanent.

If anything having a T.V on display in the background should improve morale in the office as it creates discussion between employees. As long as this isn’t abused by staff, it will be regarded as a welcome break and may help increase productivity.

Having a T.V in the office will allow you to keep the occasional eye on the sporting action whilst you hammer out those spreadsheets. Be respectful of others though and ensure your colleagues are all happy with this decision, and any T.V is at a sensible noise level.

Social Media

We’ve seen Social Media become a destination for commentary on all types of events. This summer, you can keep track of all the sporting updates of a particular match be it football or tennis by simply monitoring a hashtag.

The recent hashtag of England’s demolition of Panama #ENGPAN would have been seen by millions and many keen tweeters will have been creating and curating their own content on the match as the action unfolded. By bringing up a hashtag, you can get a tweet by tweet update of all the action.

You’ll also see certain social channels streaming the match either in its entirety or selected highlights. Channels such as BBC sport for instance will be tweeting out edited clips of the sporting action as it ensues.

Mobile and Tablet viewing

Modern technology has allowed us to access content instantly and from anywhere thanks to mobile and tablet devices.

During your working day, why not apportion little time slots where you can catch up on the sporting action through your tablet or mobile. It could be a few minutes during a comfort break or maybe you could position it on your desk which will keep you notified but won’t distract you completely.

Of course, do what works for you and doesn’t affect your performance or annoy your employer.

Find a place for lunchtime viewing

Why not liven up your lunch hour when the big match is on and instead of going for your routine visit to Pret, head down to your local pub or bar where the game is being televised.

You’ll be able to enjoy the match without the guilt of feeling like you’re neglecting your work, all whilst sampling some lovely pub grub!

Change your working hours!

Hopefully as a contractor, you’ll have the flexibility to work your own hours. Use this privilege to your advantage and see if you can change your work hours to schedule in viewing time where you won’t be distracted.

Whether this means going in to work a bit early and leaving the office earlier, or perhaps even working from home for one half of the working day – enjoy the flexibility that contracting can give you so you don’t miss out this summer.

With more World Cup action later today at 3pm – are you in need of inspiration of finding a way to fit in watching the football whilst at work?

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