#4 effective and enjoyable ways to relax as a contractor

15th August 2018

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We’re halfway through the month of August and with September just around the corner, the job market will be picking up again and working life will resume normality.

In this quiet time, take this opportunity to put your feet up, relax and recharge and get ready for the September rush.

Today it’s National Relaxation Day, and no doubt as a contractor you’ll be taking some time off in the closing month of summer. To celebrate here are some great ways to unwind today and relax.


We’ve all become a bit consumed by digital and are obsessed with the latest tech and gadgets. Now and again it’s good to go a bit low-tech and embrace offline activity. What do we mean? Reading of course!

Reading can be an extremely relaxing and invigorating thing to do. Whatever it is you are reading, it offers a form of escapism for a few hours and is also intellectually nourishing as well.

Today, why not pick up a book and escape for a few hours in new literature.

Pamper yourself

Working these past few months, you’ve probably worked yourself to the ground and are feeling a little depleted. In this spare time, you should try to refresh and replenish yourself by checking yourself in for a spa day.

There are many great deals for pampering day experiences on sites such as Groupon available. Why not take a look at what’s on offer and book yourself in for a Spa Day experience.

Tap into your cultural side

The UK and not just London has a lot to offer culturally. Galleries, Museums, Theatres, Exhibitions, Concerts and much more. Why not check out what’s on your doorstep this evening and indulge in your cultural side.

Unplug and put your feet up

For days like National Relaxation Day, get rid of those bad habits that your work lifestyle can bring some time. Don’t check that e-mail, unplug your work phone, and generally don’t think about work for the day.

Make it your day and put your feet up and put off thinking about work for one day.

Happy National Relaxation Day!

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